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Ouma Lena se Huis was founded in 2009 in Melkhoutfontein, in partnership with BADISA Stilbaai, that manages all donations and funding. The first building was provided rent free by the 80-year old Mrs. Lena Viljoen. 

After a year it became too small and with donations from the Stilbaai community it was enlarged by 55sq meters. In 2014 Mrs. Viljoen purchased land adjacent to the original building and in September 2015 the new center was opened. This center provides a wide range of services to the local community and the facilities are also used for training purposes. Since 2010 many projects have been launched and successfully concluded at Ouma Lena se Huis. Approximately 30 volunteers (mainly retired persons) from Stilbaai give freely of their time to develop the children on a one-on-one basis. Ouma Lena se Huis also provides two meals daily for 100 children at the Aftercare Centre and Nursery School.





Seesterretjies Pre-School – Early Childhood Development Facility

Seesterretjie Pre-School was opened in 2016 for children from vulnerable and disfunctional families. They are brought and taught with love and dignity. Staff members include: one qualified teacher, an assistant and a volunteer who comes in three mornings a week at no cost.


Tina Cowley School of Reading

60 Learners are daily being skilled in reading with this project. There is a desperate need to enlarge this course as most children loose heart and drop out of school in grade 4.


20-Hour Basic Computer Course

63 unemployed and working young adults have since 2015 been trained in a 20 Hour Computer Literacy Course. 

As a result of this venture the venue is now being used to train 8 matriculants to a NQF Level 1 to develop these young people into empowered job seekers.


The Long Table of Peace  (Lang Tafel van Vrede)

The long table of peace is an annual event held in Melkhoutfontein and brings together the communities of Melkhoutfontein and Stilbaai, where a thousand people enjoy dinner together.









Golf Lessons at the Stilbaai Golf Club: Golf lessons are presented at the Stilbaai Golf Club on Monday afternoons to boys in the community.


Creativity Sessions with children: Volunteers present Creativity Sessions on Tuesday afternoons for Primary School children. Up to 80 children attend weekly. 


Computer Training: Basic computer skills are taught to children from Mondays to Thursday afternoons. Children are encouraged to do their homework (eg: Maths) on the computers, and the Tina Cowley Reading School also incorporates computer training. All assistance and teaching is done by volunteers.


Children’s Church: A repetition of Sunday morning children’s church sermon is repeated to the kids on Wednesday afternoons.


Holiday Programs: Educational programs as well as games and fun are included in the holiday programs, which are developed and planned by the Community developer at Ouma Lena se Huis. Children also receive a meal per day. 


Soup Kitchen: Children receive daily meals which include sandwiches and cold drinks after school and cooked meals before going home. These meals are often the only meals these children get. 80 to 100 kids are fed daily. 

Seesterretjie children are given breakfast when they arrive at school in the mornings  as well as lunch before their afternoon nap. 


Baroek Craft Program: Women from the Melkhoutfontein community gather on Wednesday mornings to learn about and participate in sowing and skills development (eg: Quilting, pattern layout, sowing and crochet). 


Youth Camps: Youth Camps are done in conjunction with various civic organisations (eg: SAPS, IALA and Hessequa Municipality). Themes vary but often focus on educational and therapeutic programs for children with behavioral problems. 


Parental Guidance Programs: Guidance programs are facilitated by the social worker. These programs teach basic parenting and caring skills to foster, and high-care parents.

Dance Classes for Girls: Dance classes are held on Monday afternoons and also serves as platform to teach girls about the finer art of being a lady.





Computer Training: Youth as well as adult computer training computer classes are presented during the evenings and on weekends. Basic Word and Excel training is provided. Sessions are normally presented over 10 sessions and certificates are received after completion of courses.


Siya Sebenza: Workshops focus on work related matters eg. financial literacy, work ethics and service delivery. Siya Sebenza offers 12 workshops focusing on teaching the youth and unemployed to be money wise and help themselves career wise.

Once a "Work 4 a living" programme has been completed, students are assisted to: 

- Present themselves in an interview

- Find Employment

- Do additional skills training

- Further their education (Redo Gr. 12 or tertiary education.


Driving Licenses and ECD Southern Cape College satellite campus: BADISA facilitates the preparation for learner and drivers licences.


ECD Southern Cape College satellite campus: BADISA is a satellite campus for South Cape College. The ECD Educare program is completed in a year and supervision done by a professional. Students complete their practical training by working at the aftercare and nursery school.





Paper (photostat and coloured), paint, retractable crayons, white board markersglue


Food & Supplies:

Fruit, peanut butter, margarine, jam, colddrink concentrate, Nespray - Forti Grow - powder milk, soap, toilet paper, detergents



Educational toysE-Board

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