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BADISA delivers a continuum of services, designed to care for and protect children and strengthen families. 


These services include prevention, early intervention, statutory and re-uniting services.





BADISA Stilbaai works on the premise that prevention is better than cure.


A variety of projects are aimed at educating and raising awareness among our society about the following:

  • Rights and responsibilities of parents

  • Rights and responsibilities of children

  • Indicators of child abuse and neglect

  • Reporting of child abuse and neglect

  • Teaching children how to protect themselves against abuse and neglect



Early Intervention Services

  • Identifying children who are in high risk circumstances

  • Assessing the impact of abuse and neglect on these children’s wellbeing

  • Referral to therapeutic services

  • Improving parenting skills by social work interventions and parent guidance programs

  • Provision of food and clothing to children and families in need

  • Group sessions at schools for children with behavioral problems

  • Group work with children aimed at enhancing life-skills

  • Children’s after-care facility (Ouma Lena se Huis)

  • ECD facility (Seesterretjies)



Statutory Work

  • Provision of protection services to abused and/or neglected children, by removing them from the perpetrator or family

  • - Social worker court work, including assessments, court appearances and placement of children in alternative care, foster homes or youth care centers




  • - Reintegration of children who were removed from their families, back into communities-of-origin by placement with a suitable family within their community

  • - When children cannot be re-united with their biological families or communities-of-origin, alternative family placements are sourced, with a view to providing a sense of permanence, belonging and stability for them

  • This includes placement of children into foster-care until reaching 18 years-old or adoption



Additional Services

  • Adoption services (Only in the Stilbaai area)

  • Trauma support

  • Assistance and support to elderly people (eg: completing forms for admission into retirement homes)

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